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Jon Bohlmann
Rosanna Garcia
David Henard
Heather Johnson Dretsch
Stefanie Robinson
Mike Stanko
Stacy Wood

Recent Publications

Freling, Traci H., Leslie H. Vincent, and David H. Henard, “When Not to Accentuate the Positive: Exploring Valence Effects in Attribute Framing.” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, forthcoming

Colbey Reid, “Fallen Angel: The Consumption of Religion in American Cocktail Culture,” Material Religion: The Journal of Art, Objects, and Belief, forthcoming

Mike. Stanko, F. Castillo, N. Harmancioglu.“It Won’t Fit! For Innovative Products, Sometimes that’s for the Best” The Journal of Product Innovation Management,  forthcoming

Hollmann, Thomas, Mary Jo Bitner, and Cheryl Jarvis, “Reaching the Breaking Point: A Dynamic Process Theory of Business-to-Business Customer Defection,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. forthcoming

Henard, David H. and Christian L. Rossetti (2014), “All You Need is Love? Communication Insights From Pop Music’s #1 Hits,” Journal of Advertising Research

M. Stanko, J. Bohlmann, and F. Castillo (2013), “Demand-Side Inertia Factors and their Benefits for Innovativeness.” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

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