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David Baumer
Julie Earp
Fay Cobb Payton


Selected Recent Publications

Payton, F.C., Cultures of Participation & Design, Information Systems Journal, Forthcoming.

Payton, F.C., Morais, D., Heath, E.  Multi-stakeholder assessment of a Mobile and Temporarily Interconnected Systems Prototype: People-First Tourism, African Journal of Information Systems, 2015.

Zhang, S., Nagarajan, R., Payton, F.C., and Massarweh, S., Inferring Breast Cancer Concomitant Diagnosis and Comorbidities from the Nationwide Inpatient Sample using Social Network Analysis, Health Systems, 2014 (3), 136-142.

Payton, F.C., Kvasny, L. and Kiwanuka-Tondo, J. Seeking and Perceiving Online HIV Prevention Information: Black Female College Students’ Perspectives, Internet Research, 2014 (24:4), 520-543.

Zhang, S., Payton, F.C., and Ivy, J.S. Characterizing the Impact of Mental Disorders on HIV Patient Length of Stay and Total Charges, IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering, 2013 (3:3), 139-146. 

Bradford, M., J.B. Earp and P. Williams, (2014) “What’s Corporate Sustainability? Whom are you Asking?” Management Accounting Quarterly, forthcoming

Bradford, M., J. B. Earp and S. Grabski. (2014) “Centralized End-to-End Identity and Access Management and ERP Systems: A Multi-Case Analysis using the Technology Organization Environment Framework, International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, forthcoming.

Baumer, David L., Wade Chumney and Roby Sawyer, (2013) “The Dance Continues: States and Multi-State Corporations Dance in and out of Real Space and Cyberspace,” Journal of Law and Technology at Southern Methodist University